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Running a distillery is challenging. The end-product is dependent on a lot of different factors; Type of grain, equipment and process, use and quality of enzymes. Novozymes help large and small-scale distilleries overcome challenges to meet desired output and quality standards.

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Starting a distillery?

Are you starting your own distillery? Then you probably have lots of questions about what it takes to produce liquor in the most effective way and with a great end-result. What does it take to get the needed alcohol labels and certificates?

Our distilling experts can help you, so your distillery business get the best start possible.

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We are now achieving great fermentation results with the use of Novozymes innovative enzymes and very competent advice.

Stig Bendtsen, co founder of North Zealand Distilleries.

With Novozymes enzymes, we achieved over 95% efficiency in extraction of fermentable sugars from bread waste.

Vivek Narisetty, Ph.D. Cranfield University

Why enzymes are essential in distilling

At the Crafdi Distiller's Event, our expert Prashant Bapat presented how the right enzymes will do wonders for the efficiency of you distillation process.

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Quality you can count on

Novozymes solution are best-in-class, matching your highest expectations of your final spirits. All our enzymes are certified according to globally recognized standards, including ISO, FSSC and FAMI-QS Certificates. Our enzymes comply with the recommended purity specifications for food-grade enzymes given by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and the Food Chemical Codex (FCC).

If you wish to know more about possibilities and requirements for labels, we are able to guide you through it.

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Sustainability on the rise

Besides great taste, customers are increasingly looking for sustainably produced sprits. In order to stay competitive, a growing number of distilleries are moving into sustainable distilling.

Novozymes' solutions contribute to decreased environmental foot print. Using our enzymes, your distillation process can be more sustainable and you are able to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Higher throughput with faster filtration

By using Novozymes enzymes in your distilling process you can avoid stuck mashes and achieve faster filtration and save time on the distilling process.