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Watch this presentation by our distilling expert Prashant Bapat on how enzymes work to optimise the distillation process. The presentation was held Crafdi Distilling event in April. A global meetup for passionate distillers around the world.

Quality you can count on

Novozymes products are best-in-class, matching the desired quality of the final spirit you strive for. They are produced in food-approved facilities and certified according to globally recognized standards, including ISO, FSSC and FAMI-QS Certificates. Our enzymes comply with the recommended purity specifications for food-grade enzymes given by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and the Food Chemical Codex (FCC).

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Distilling sustainably

Novozymes is committed to developing solutions that can contribute to solving three global challenges: Climate, Water and Production & Consumption. We are also committed to operating our business responsibly and investing to minimize our environmental foot print. Read more about our sustainable commitments and targets here.

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