The best enzymes for distilling

Adding enzymes to your ethanol distilling process can drastically improve your results and reduce the issues you might usually face. Our quality enzymes perform optimally at high temperatures and have a lower pH than most of the chemicals distillers usually use.

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The benefits of distilling enzymes

  • Higher ethanol yield: Our high-quality enzymes  for liquefaction and saccharification maximize the starch and dextrin conversion into sugar as well as the conversion into ethanol for yeast fermentation. With this optimized production process, you will easily enjoy a higher ethanol output.
  • Faster fermentation rates: By achieving faster ethanol production early in the fermentation process, you can reduce the overall time needed for your production and thus be more efficient. With our products, get from 0,5% up to 5% more alcohol while decreasing your CO2 consumption by 20% on average.
  • Lower viscosity: During your distilling process, you should aim at having a high level of dry solids as well as making sure that the mash goes smoothly through your stirred tanks. By using our best-in-class products, you will reduce the viscosity of your mashes and liquids which results in less wear on your equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, or jet cookers).
  • Wider pH range tolerance: The composition of our enzymes allows you to get more out of your mash while reducing the need to adjust your pH. With a wider pH tolerance, you face fewer potential issues and efforts while reducing the costs and chemicals needed.
  • Reduced bacterial infection: By increasing the temperature and lowering the pH of your production process, you can inhibit bacterial reproduction that otherwise decreases your levels sugar.
  • Improved organoleptic properties: With our best-in-class enzymes, you can increase the organoleptic properties of your end production.
  • High performance at all times: Our enzymes have been successfully tested on a wide range of raw materials in different conditions. Most importantly, they have all provided reliable top performance.
  • No-foam solution: The enzymes we use are made of a biological anti-foam agent solution, thus reducing the foam in your production and its associated problems.
  • No-jet-cooking process: By using a single point of steam and uniform temperature of cooking throughout liquefaction, steam and energy savings are ensured. With our enzymes, you still benefit from successful hydrolysis and viscosity reduction.
  • Controlled Maillard reaction: The Maillard reaction lowers the sugars available for fermentation which gives you less diastatic power. For that reason, our enzymes were developed with a lower pH allowing you to retain more sugar to obtain a higher alcohol output.


By using high-quality enzymes, you can reduce the costs and the amount of energy used in your distilling process. You will also be able to reduce the wear on your machinery and be more efficient with less hours of labor needed to handle the production.

With such powerful products, you will benefit from a larger ethanol output, a faster production process, and most importantly you will enjoy a higher overall quality. Trust our enzymes to successfully improve your distilling process and see by yourself how they can make your business more profitable.

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The different types of enzymes

Enzymes will help you to drastically improve your production process as well as its overall quality. In order to unlock the wide range of benefits associated with the use of enzymes, you need to carefully select the type of enzymes that will suit your situation and give you greater output. Learn more about the enzymes you need for liquefaction, saccharification, and viscosity reduction.

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