The best enzymes for saccharification in distilling

For your production, the more ethanol the better. Enzymes for saccharification maximize the conversion of dextrins and oligosaccharides into fermentable sugars to let the yeast develop as much alcohol as possible. While distillers traditionally heat up starch to decompose it into sugars, you can now improve this process by adding optimized enzymes that will increase your yield more efficiently and at lower costs.

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The benefits of enzymes for saccharification

By using our optimized enzymes for saccharification in distilling, you can improve your production process with:

  • Higher ethanol yield
  • Faster fermentation rates
  • Lower viscosity
  • Wider pH range tolerance
  • Reduced bacterial infection
  • Improved organoleptic properties
  • High performance at all times
  • No-foam solution
  • No-jet-cooking process
  • Controlled Maillard reaction

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