The best enzymes for saccharification in distilling

When distilling, you want to convert as much starch into sugar, to let the yeast develop as much alcohol as possible. Distillers have traditionally been heating up starch to decompose it into sugar. The biggest improvements in distilling are now done with specialized enzymes that improve starch for the best conditions for yeast. It is done by maximize starch and dextrins conversion to fermentable sugars   

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Are all enzymes for saccharification in distilling the same? 

No, the best are optimized for distilling and have the following properties:

  • High ethanol yields: The best enzymes for liquefaction and saccharification maximize starch and dextrins conversion to sugars for yeast fermentation to ethanol. The result is higher ethanol yield, the reason is optimizing the whole production process and solving problems that might arrive.

  • Fast fermentation rates: Faster ethanol production early in fermentation means you get a higher production capacity from the same facility.

  • Reduce bacterial infection: Bacteria reproduces much faster than yeast and will consume sugar. By increasing temperature and lowering pH you can inhibit bacterial reproduction. Whereas enzymes will work effectively.  

  • Effective on varying types and quality of raw materials: The best enzymes for saccharification have been tested with success on a large range of raw materials, difference qualities, conditions and have provided reliable top performance.
  • Wide pH range tolerance: Allow you to get more out of your mash and reduces the need to adjust the pH (less work, problems, cost, chemicals and wider pH range).

  • Lower viscosity: You want to have a high level of dry solids and at the same time keep a production without problems like channeling the mash through the stirred tanks and reduce ware of pumps, heat exchangers, jet cookers and agitation all run better at low viscosity.

  • More efficient conversion: You get 0,5-5% more alcohol, use 20% less CO2 with more efficient enzymes and it all adds up to less cost for the same output.

  • Faster: Work up to double as fast

  • Better: Convert up to double as many starts

  • Organoleptic: Increased organoleptic properties with best-in-class enzymes

  • Equipment: Less wear and investment in equipment

You get less problems and use less time in the production, need less equipment, save energy and money, get a bigger output in higher quality with our innovative solutions.

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